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The team’s shared vision is to develop cutting-edge simulation methods and techniques, with the goal of unveiling our understanding of the universe. 


Emanuel Sillero

ALMA postdoc 2022-2024

Doris Stoppacher


Margarita Salas Fellow 2022-2024

PhD in Theoretical Astrophysics 2019 from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM, Spain);
currently a “Margarita Salas Fellow” and postdoctoral researcher in a joint project on: “Hidden Figures on
the Sky”: Unveiling the formation and assembly channels of low surface brightness galaxies by studying
them with various numerical models of galaxy formation and evolution; in collaboration with the
Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, the UAM, and the Universidad de Sevilla (Spain). Further past
and ongoing projects including: “A semi-analytical perspective on ... “; a series of studies and
publications focusing on different aspects of galaxy formation and evolution using semi-analytical models
(SAMs). She is further a peer-researcher on the “MultiDark-Galaxies” where she also provides support on
the data release, analysis, and handling. Other interests including the galaxy-halo connection and the
“assembly bias” of galaxy and halo formation or in other words: What does shape galaxy properties in the
large-scale environment of the cosmic web? She is further a member of the movement “Astronomers for
Planet Earth (A4E)”, the “Sociedad Española de Astronomía (SEA)”, and an advocate for student mental
health awareness, cultural equity, and inclusion in Astrophysics.


Catalina Casanueva

Ph.D. student 
Supervisors:  Patricia Tissera, Nelson Padilla


Jenny Gonzalez

Ph.D. student 
Supervisor:  Patricia Tissera

foto anell_edited.jpg

Anell Cornejo

Msc. student 
Supervisor:  Patricia Tissera 

Silvio Varela.jpeg

Silvio Varela

Ph.D. student at the Universidad de La Serena
Supervisors: Facundo Gomez (ULS), Patricia Tissera (PUC)

Diego Palleros

Currently visitor at our group - Fondecyt Postdoc

Postdoc CATA 2022-2023


Patricia B. Tissera

Professor at the Institute of Astrophysics and member of the Centre for Astro-Engineering, the Centre for Excellence CATA and co-director of the Nucleus Millennium ERIS (


Francisco Jara

Master Student at Pontificia Universidad Católica de ChileSupervisors: Patricia Tissera (PUC)

Undergraduate students

Undergraduates 2023

Valentina Miranda (Bachelor science project)

Ignacio Muñoz (Bachelor science project)

Benjamin Silva (Bachelor science project)

Daniel Miller (Bachelor science project)


Undergraduates 2022

Gary Fredes (Bachelor science project)

Sebastian Tancara (Bachelor science project)

Brian Tapia (Bachelor science project)

Francisco Jara (Bachelor science project)

Javiera Mesias (Bachelor science project)


Brian Tapia

Ph.D. student at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
Supervisors: Patricia Tissera (PUC)




We have room for several outstanding students to join our group at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.

We are looking for:

Young researchers and students who want to realize their full potential and think boldly to search for new approaches to explore the universe.

Four ways our team at PUC can empower you

  • World-leading research and tuition

  • Freedom to think and explore

  • Challenging projects that will provide visibility and impact

  • Solid prospects

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