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The CIELO Project


The Chemo-dynamIcal propertiEs of gaLaxies and the cOsmic web, Project, CIELO, aims to study the chemical enrichment of baryons in galaxies across the cosmic web by using zoom-in galaxies in different environments. as part of the LACEGAL Network  which has been recently approved ations are powerful tools to study the Universe. CIELO was envisaged within LACEGAL and SAN Networks.


and collaborators

Lucas Bignone (IAFE, Argentina)

R. Dominguez-Tenreiro (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid).

N. Padilla (IATE, Argentina)

S. Pedrosa (IAFE, Argentina)

P. Tissera (PUC, Chile)

P. Cataldi (IATE)

E. Sillero (PUC)


C. Casanueva (PUC)

J. Gonzalez (PUC)

V. Miranda (PUC)

I. Muñoz (PUC)

B. Tapia (PUC)

B. Silva (PUC)


Rodriguez, S. &Lambas, D.G (IATE)

The simulations

The CIELO have been designed to study the connection between galaxies and their environment across their history of formation. They are planned to include 20 high-resolution zoom-in galaxies selected from different environments. At the moment we have six of them which are being analysed for different projects.


Rodriguez et al. 2022: We study the impact of the environment on galaxies as they fall in and orbit in the potential well of a Local Group (LG) analogue, following them with high cadence (movies).

Cataldi et al. 2023: In this work, we aim at investigating the morphology evolution of Milky Way mass-like dark matter haloes selected from the CIELO and ILLUSTRIS-TNG projects

Casanueva et al. 2024: We develop a model for Primordial Black Holes as a potential component of dark matter and explore their feedback effects on the properties of the gas before star formation occurs. 


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