On 6/5/2022, yesterday, the GalEvol4D group at the Institute of Astrophysics (evolgal4d.com) organized and hosted the IV Workshop on Numerical and Theoretical Astrophysics at PUC. WANT2022 aimed at bringing together the community working in numerical and theoretical Astrophysics in Chile and Latin-America (https://www.evolgal4d.com/numericalworkshop). This was our first in-person event since COVID-19 outbreak! It was actually a hybrid event, which allowed the participation of people from different universities in Chile, Argentina and other countries. We had 68 participants and 40% of them were female researchers and students! Thank you everyone for your support and participation!

Publicaciones del evento en los medios:

Astrofísico computacional UBO expone ante investigadores latinoamericanos - Universidad Bernardo O'Higgins