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The stellar halos of dwarf galaxies using the Auriga simulations
Elisa Tau
Insight into the physical processes that shape the metallicity profiles in galaxies
Brian Tapia
Formation of Stellar Halos of different mass galaxies in CIELO Simulations
Jenny Gonzalez
Linking the brightest stellar streams with the accretion history of Milky Way-like galaxies
Alex Vera-Casanova
P-GADGET3-K: an implementation to study the chemical evolution of galaxies
Emanuel Sillero
Developing new recipes for measuring the dynamical state of galaxy clusters using simulation
Hyowon Kim
Study of Stellar Populations Properties in Simulated Galaxies
Anell Cornejo Cárdenas
X-ray binaries at the Cosmic Dawn
Lucía Paz Garate Núñez
Galaxy morphology and Angular Momentum content: The inner region
Susana Pedrosa
DM haloes properties: morphology and density profiles evolution with redshift
Pedro Cataldi

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IV Workshop on Numerical and Theoretical Astrophysics
One-day meeting - 06/05/2022
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